Catastrophic Java

hello all,

thank you those of you that have sent emails after hearing about the
earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Java. if you haven’t heard about
it, check out the news, it’s really sad.
i am still visiting my friends here in malaysia, enjoying myself a bit
before hopping on the plane in a few days down to java. i’m having a
great time, though i cannot help but be struck by that “peculiarly American
guilt- that I should be up and doing something constructive,” as journalist
Tracey Dahlby so aptly puts it. i am definitely looking forward to going down
back to indonesia, and am by no measure frightened by the place, but the
frequency of unfortunate events (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes etc)
is enough to at least perk the ears up. the thrill of adventure and the
maintenence of a healthy naivete are imortant, but a complete disregard
for caution is another thing altogether. i don’t believe there is anywhere
near that kind of danger in java, and am pretty quick to tell anyone who
thinks so paranoid.
anyway, thank you all for caring about me, and i hope all is well on
your side. missing you from malaysia.

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