Tiny, Tiny World

I wanted to run to the CC this morning, quickly before I meet Fiza for lunch over in Gelugor. Amazing how the world gets smaller and smaller, every day it seems. I was in Southeast Asia not 4 hours before running into someone that I knew from a previous life in Penang, without even leaving Bangkok International. My time here in Penang has been one encounter after another with folks that recognized my face, with places that I felt I have traversed and lingered in many many times. fiza and cheryl.jpg Hi-class dining at the best Malay street restoran with friends is a daily occurance. My friend Pourchesta, an Iranian doing her Masters degree at USM, saw this tall thin orang putih and recognized him instantly. She treated me to tea at a kedai kopi, and we discussed the political and cultural currents in our respective countries, and how it all comes together in some weird way through our shared Malaysian experiences. pourchesta.jpg

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