Back in KL!

another quake, UGGGHHH…

Back here on Petaling Street, the central backpacker haunt of Kuala Lumpur, the most impulsive indulgence inspiring night market ever (ask my sister, whose simple half an hour here produced that fancy “original” designer handbag). back at the international hostel that I have continued to frequent since that very first night that I found myself on the streets of KL, tired and wonderfully out of my element. At least I’m not expecting an end to the noise from motorbikes and street stalls that never comes at night, making it a bit easier to sleep. Reunion with my friend Veena, graduated from University in Penang and living here in the big city, has been delightful. Off to meet her for lunch, actually.
The world is on fire, even from the vantage point of normally non-political Malaysian mass-culture. Then I looked at the news, and saw the thousands and thousands that have taken to the streets in protest of Israel’s actions in the Middle East. But then, Indonesians, for all their similarities with Malaysians, seem to be altogether different, something I look forward to understanding more over thenext few months. I’ve spent a lot of time taking advantage my international vantage point, talking to my foreign and Muslim and Buddhist and other friends and acquaintences, trying to get an understanding of what my generation, my peers around the world, are thinking. Is there a line being drawn between Islamic and Western worlds? I certainly don’t think it’s predestined, but the possibility seems all to real to not scare the hell out of me. Malaysia and Indonesia are so very important in this question I believe. Both are countries with Islamic majorities, yet they are incredibly different from the countries in the Middle East. They are places where lines are being drawn, places where these lines could become battle fronts if we, the citizens of the world, are not vigilent in our pursuit of communication and understanding.
But then, perhaps I shouldn’t be rambling like this, using my mass email as a platform. Sorry. Another important cultural flow, represented by the hoards of Chinese school boys that fill this cyber cafe with their all too vocal reactions to their online multi-player video games seems to be driving me nuts…

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  1. Mr Meinhover
    thank you for this wonderful snap shot of your life abroad. I am happy that things are falling into place, or at least picking up where you last left them. And good luck cutting a new path as your travels take you to new places, faces, behaviors and politics.
    Be safe and be healthy. Thinking of you back in Chicago.
    Love ya,
    Sista KT

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