Jakarta Sushi

My first fellow “Bule” (foreigner) friends have turned out to be a couple folks from Japan. Very cool folks. Hitomi has quite the brain for language, I’m jealous; she is a University classmate of Kazuya, whose studying International Relations back in Tokyo and is also studying Bahasa for a year, on an exchange program. Hikita, however, just got a job working for a Japanese bank in Jakarta, and his company is paying him to study the language for six months before starting his job. This job also blesses him with his own personal driver to drive him around Jakarta, wherever he wants to go. Cool.

So after suffering through the placement exam together on Monday, he invited us strangers to jump in the minivan that magically pulled up, asking if we wanted to go do the tourist thing in Jakarta.

japanese monument jakarta.jpg This is from the top of the national monument, a huge obelisk building with a giant flame on top, and an elevator up the middle so that you can get an especially impressive and patriotic view of the Indonesian capitol.

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