All for a phone call

My trusty laptop has, unfortunately, picked the island of Java to walk towards the light. Well, hopefully the good Kharma that I’ve been keeping in a jar under sink will guide it back to reality, but I suppose we won’t find that out until the good old boy can make its way into the hands of a trusty Dell repairman. Outside of my native Minnesota, I am finding out just how much i take for granted things like computer service, a phone call away.

Report from the field: we’ve located a Dell certafied service center, in South Jakarta, sir. Proceed to destination with caution. Over.

I got directions to Jalan Fatmawati from the nice people in the BIPA office at Universitas Indonesia, and hopped on the first bus on the itinerary after class today. After arriving at the transfer point, I asked, with too much confidence I guess, which way to Golden Plaza. How on earth would I know how similar that sounds to “Blok M Plaza,” which is consequently a much more well known shopping complex. And, unfortunately, much further away. Long story short, I got a glimpse of many new neighborhoods, gained a little better understanding of the insanity that is Kota Jakarta, strengthened my solidarity with the Indonesian masses by once again suffering through dirty and sweaty and noisy traffick jams with them. A good feeling. And, finally arriving at the correct shop, I learned about the beauty of calling ahead to make sure that the shop you want to go to is open…

A cool side note. There are many professions in Indonesia. Many of them, in the city anyway, involve going around in public places, offering services or goods to whoever might want to pay for them. One of the great things about the public bus is the guys that climb on at one stop, holler out some folk song while strumming an accoustic guitar, or beating a drum, trying not to stumble in the jerks of the bus, passing around a hat. At their best, they are awesome.

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