Introspection: Finding god, choosing sides, losing faith

Introspection We had a little rain last night here in Depok; perhaps the changing barometric pressure elicited some dreams. Apparently, the Black Forest is no longer on the corner of South Nicollet and 26th, but is somewhere down Jalan Margonda Raya, across the street from Ayam Bakar Christina. Anyone who has asked me where IContinue reading “Introspection: Finding god, choosing sides, losing faith”

New Article

This is an article I just submitted to a student magazine, for their special edition on American students studying in Muslim cultures. It was put together quite quickly, but i hope it holds together… Ted =============================================================== My home, at the moment, is Kukusan, near the city of Depok, next to the campus of Universitas Indonesia.Continue reading “New Article”