A Day of Depok

I am scared. The end of my time here at the University of Indonesia is already visible in the future, and it has hardly begun. Is this what life is all about, running out of time before you ever really feel like you can accomplish everything that you are capable of accomplishing or that is important to do?

Anyway, the Islamic holy month, Ramadan, starts this weekend. It is the month of fasting, both in terms of eating and in terms of your soul (well, depending on who you talk to…). It is definitely felt on campus.

approaching puasa

So many of the organizations and groups on campus are based upon religion; actually, that is the case with many of the organizations and even the political parties of Indonesia.

I went to an awesome lecture today. It was a panel discussion about the role that the militiary, the TNI ought to play in Indonesia. There was a researcher, a student, a government official from high up in Jakarta, and General Wiranto. And plenty of fireworks, including antogonistic questions from isnspired students in the crowd. I felt right at home.

general wiranto

General Wiranto was a general in the army during the war with East Timor, and is still charged with committing human rights violations there. His position was pro-military, to say the least. (not that I really understood everything that was said, of course…)

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  1. It is really necessary to have more information from on the spot journaloists in Indonesial It is amazing thta talks by Gen. wiranot are not reported in U.S. newspapers. We have so little information.

    It is , of course, a struggle to visit evvery spot. Perhaps you could give us a review of the english language newspapers. And if you can get a local to translate just one editiorial , you could put that on your blog.

    when you introduce someone–like the panelists, you might add a description of the person–not a long analysis;l but something on their demeanor, their voice, their reaction to their colleagues and the audience.

    good job


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