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An important event blesses Minnesota. September 22, Friday, Katie, the giant of a drummer for the band-that-plays-rock-and-roll Brother and Sister, will, along with her team, perform live on Radio K. That’s 770 on your am dial.

Wait, that already happened… Well, it was awesome, even from the other side of the world.

still further reinforcement of my belief that Indonesia is not a place to be ignored right now.
“march of jihad: washington needs to keep and eye on indonesia”

this article is a little slanted in my opinion (living here in indonesia and all), but the point made so clearly in the title of the piece is still alarmingly true.

I went to an amazing conference on campus yesterday, organized by some of my new friends; political science students with whom the joy of political banter seems to be universal. They brought together an amazing panel of people to discuss the role of the military in indonesia’s transitioning democracy/ society. during the new order regime, of course, the army was incredibly independent (and still is), has its hands all over the economy, and some say controlled the government and country much more than the government controlled it. a sort of oligarchy. it is most defninitely not a civilian controlled institution. one of the speakers was former general wiranto, who is still accused of human rights violations from the campaign during east timor’s independence war. I’m working on an article about this at the moment, try to finish it as soon as i can (after i get some friends to help translate some of the material- my brain got sore and i zoned out through parts of the talks…) this is such an important debate to be having on the campuses and within this society – if the government, military and economy cannot be reclaimed by the masses, from an elite oligarchy, i and the people that i am meeting and speaking with have real fear that about the possibilities. the most interesting part, to me, was the enthusiasm of many of the students in the packed hall when it came to questioning and criticizing the status quo of the powerful military and government. they cheered when the independent researcher spoke and asked some great questions when the mike was passed. check out the pix.

ramadhan starts tomorrow. bulan puasa. the month of fasting. such an omnipresent part of every day here, religion. interesting poster on campus, from one of the student groups. so many ways to interpret religion, any religion. “jihad” for example. in one context, ‘getting the devil out of your heart and thougts,’ like in the poster (picture). an another context, well… try watching the news.

they had a used book sale on campus the other day. i found a beat up copy of catch 22. Takes me out of reality at those key moments, twists my brain a little bit more.
I need a cup of coffee. mmm, coffee. Indonesia…

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  1. Katie will be so happy to know that you listened, so few people at the co-op were able to catch it, as we were are ‘busy’ at the time, and I know she was dissapointed. You are such a good friend!

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