The Seething Daily Planet

I feel torn between making waves wherever I can and hiding in the cool shadows to see what happens. I feel a tension in the air, a fermentation threatening to blow the top off the bottle that is Indonesia, that is the world. It’s an exaggerated feeling, I am sure; it is, after all, what I seem to be looking for, making it much more likely that I will find it.

Another disclaimer should be, of course, that I am a youth in search of romance and adventure. What discourse draws the poets and the stupid like a moth to flame more than that of revolution and dramatic change?

On a more reality based note, Life progresses daily here in Depok. I’ve been making some very good friends, especially the political science students with whom I can bear that nerdy intellectual that loves to have long discussions about society and globalization over coffee.

politics tshirt.jpg

The days are averaging about 93 F the first week of this month long fasting holiday of Ramadhan. This makes it especially easy for all of the observing Muslims to take it pretty easy all afternoon; this is both a relief for me, as the masses with which one must deal with each moment are reduced, but does make life a little less exciting and a little less convenient.

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