Sholat Idul Fitri, Purwokerto

The mango trees in Suroto’s mother’s kampung (village) are loaded, providing one of the pleasure of life there, with unlimited mango asem and spicy/ sweet sambal, as well as one of the nuisances, with mangos constantly falling to the street and in yards, splattering their juice on the ground or denting the tops of heads.Continue reading “Sholat Idul Fitri, Purwokerto”

Lebaran Damage Report

October 19, 2006                    Indonesian Holidays                  Ted Meinhover Ah yes, it’s Christmas time once again. Everyone has a vacation from school, families pack into cars or board airplanes for long journeys to grandma’s house, back to the hometown. People are in a frenzy to stock up on excessive amounts of food and necessities, anticipating the fewContinue reading “Lebaran Damage Report”

Indonesia On the UN Security Council

Some News Links on INDONESIA: Indonesia vows to maintain religious pluralism Indonesia to Join UN Security Council Global Indonesia: Indonesia Takes Seat on the UN Security Council Ted Meinhover Indonesia recently won a seat on the UN Security Council. It will join the Council for one year beginning in January 2007. Indonesia was chosen withContinue reading “Indonesia On the UN Security Council”

Political Cartoonography and Bubur Kacang Ijo

Not that I would ever advocate a political position, especially not a controversial one; even suggesting one is the farthest thing from from my mind… However, you might want to check out the current story line in the Doonesbury. Don’t tell, but he is writing about how fear is leading us to make destructive decisions.Continue reading “Political Cartoonography and Bubur Kacang Ijo”

Who’s Afraid? Indonesian Radicalism, unifinished

Download this piece: Siapa Takut? Who’s Afraid? “Siapa Takut?” Imagine you’re playing a game of checkers. Better yet, go find your neighbor or roommate, ask him or her to join you for a round; it’s fun and you should be more social anyway. Your pieces are black. Your opponent’s pieces, however, begin to change colors,Continue reading “Who’s Afraid? Indonesian Radicalism, unifinished”