This was a great response that i received regarding my last post. Environmental degradation is one of those things that is so omnipresent, that affects our lives so much and that we all know is horible, but is so complex and massive a problem that most of us just prefer not to talk about it, until it’s put right in front of our face.

“It’s sad, but I don’t think most people
consider the tough realities of living in a 2nd or 3rd world metropolis, or
those forces that have compelled (forced) individuals who’s families have
been tied to rural lands for centuries to move to these urban jungles.
There’s something very unnatural about it that seems to screams to the
western world to “wake-up”, only to fall upon the deaf ears of those too
obsessed with the great deceiver “the material world” to listen. Maybe
someday this will change…it will have too right?”

And another response:

“Mere wallowing in sorrow is one thing, but it seems that articulating a response to what you find depressing (the fog of the engines of corporate, industrial, money-generating power) is a very, very good use of your time, as well as mine as a reader.

Of course human innovations crafted in response to the harshest urban places can be very beautiful, and downright incredible, but that beauty of course does not excuse, or validate the inhumane conditions that spur humans to try to live well, or as best they can, within them. I mean, such innovations (the homes and living arrangements people can make as squatters, or in slums can be amazing)  may validate human struggles, and human abilities to endure, to be sure. But only focusing on such things is a distraction from the real need to critique the love lacking of one human for another that allows the atrocity of people living in urban oblivion in the first place. ”

Me and pals in BIPA classThis is me and a few of my Korean classmates. Their families are working in Jakarta, I believe, and they are taking this class to learn he language a bit, since they’re living here anyway, i guess… Class is going well, though as usual it seems to be more of a supplement to rest of the awesome things that I seem to run into each day. Four day week this week, then I enter the massive crowd that will spread out from Jakarta as they ‘balik kampung,’ go home for the Lebaran holiday.

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