Indonesia On the UN Security Council

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Ted Meinhover

Indonesia recently won a seat on the UN Security Council. It will join the Council for one year beginning in January 2007. Indonesia was chosen with over 80 percent of the votes at the 61st session of the United Nations General Council on Monday in New York.

Although temporary, it is an opportunity for Indonesia to nurture its maturing role as a member of the global community, strengthen its own young democracy, and manifest its aspirations to engage in international relations that are mutually beneficial.

Indonesia’s politicians are sold on the mission of the United Nations to promote global peace, and are committed to being part of making that mission a reality, even as the country struggles with its own domestic problems such as poverty.

Indonesia has the opportunity to play an important role in contemporary conflicts due to the fact that it is an overwhelmingly Islamic country. The country is committed to establishing itself as a member of the global community, modern country with progressive policies, and it also shares an Islamic identity with many who currently suffer from conflict. The country has very strong ties with countries in the Middle East as well as countries in Europe, Asia, and America.

Indonesia is also an important player regionally, in Asia, where the world is facing the serious issue of North Korea.

Both the Middle East and North Korea have become major global issues that threaten global security. This was recognized by Indonesia’s vice president Kalla on his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, as well as President Yudyohano. “With Indonesia in the Security Council, we have to be serious in our international dealings. We have to reinforce peace processes in all regions, and promote global stability,” Kalla said.

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