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You will be happy to check out the Doonesberry strip for today, Sunday, 29 October 2006.

This is an article about the Chinese province of Yunnan, in the South West of the coutry, where I am going to spend the second half of my year abroad. I’m going to be studying at Yunnan University, in the capitol city of Kunming. Thought the article was interesting. “China’s 20 year growth spurt”

There was an aweful accident a few days ago, here in Purwokerto, the very city that I have spent the past week. Scary enough, a bridge collapsed in the same park, Batu Raden, that we had visited the day before. “The fatality has become seven, two of those injured have died,” Police chief of Baturaden district of the province named only Sudrajad told Xinhua by telephone.
I spent my holiday in the city of Purwokerto, a four-hour drive to the East of Jakarta along the recently constructed toll road. A graduate of Jenderal Soedirman University there and long-time local activist and business-person, his network is comprised of intellectuals, politicians and religious leaders. Following him as he made his rounds of visits with friends and associates that he has not seen since he left town a few months ago, I gained an insight into the workings of local Indonesian political culture that has been altogether enlightening, has deepened my appreciation for the complexities of Indonesia, and has pointed out some of the promises and dangers in the rapid development of the young democracy of this crucial country.

more on that later…

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Well, i try to continuing….actually, everyone could be understand about the global cultures if they has a local social feeling. You are a lucky, please you get your Global Society ID in the Head Office “Gir Pasang”. have a nice day bro !

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