Translating and Feeding the Masses

This was a really good exercise, but was quite a challenge. One of my friends that works with the Pestacide Action Network, Asia Pacific ( asked me if I would translate the notes of a meeting between food sovereignty and farmer activists that was held in Indonesian. Take a look, if you’re interested. I wouldn’tContinue reading “Translating and Feeding the Masses”

Bush to Indonesia: Next in the Series

I’m continuing to try and take advantage of being here in Indonesia at this crucial time. Power to Listen – US in Indonesia   “The Power to Listen” “Indonesian Discontent with America” Ted Meinhover The United States is a global superpower – the ball is most definitely in President Bush’s court as he visits severalContinue reading “Bush to Indonesia: Next in the Series”

Ted the Presidential Foreign Policy Advisor

This is a newly-written and largely unedited piece. Just thought I would throw it out there. I really think that this is an important time for Indonesia and the United States, and that Bush’s visit here is important. That said, I find myself appologizing a bit for focusing too much on the negative of Bush’sContinue reading “Ted the Presidential Foreign Policy Advisor”

By-Line with Imam: Bush’s Last Chance: Indonesia

On Saturday and Sunday, I spent about 24 hours straight with my friend, Imam, and his wife Endri and children Aldin and Faiz, sitting, leaning, and occasionally sleeping on the cement floor of his South Jakarta room/ house, writing an article together. We took breaks for several meals, lots of coffee, and the occasional wrestlingContinue reading “By-Line with Imam: Bush’s Last Chance: Indonesia”

Sunday Night Check-in

Protests continue in anticipation of Bush’s arrival next Monday, when he plans to meet and discuss with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. IHT story about yesterday’s protest in Bogor. This story is also very relavent to Bush’s visit to Indonesia: “Bush must be told: talk to your enemies.” There are too many people in Indonesia,Continue reading “Sunday Night Check-in”

USA and Indonesia

A story about protests to Bush’s visit in Jakarta: Hardline Indonesian Muslims protest Bush’s visit President Bush is still scheduled to arrive in Bogor, Indonesia, for a visit with Indonesian President Yudhoyono following the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum later this month. I was there just a few weeks ago, and the serenity of theContinue reading “USA and Indonesia”