Sunday Night Check-in

Protests continue in anticipation of Bush’s arrival next Monday, when he plans to meet and discuss with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

IHT story about yesterday’s protest in Bogor.

This story is also very relavent to Bush’s visit to Indonesia: “Bush must be told: talk to your enemies.” There are too many people in Indonesia, everywhere, that are extremely mad at Bush, and that is not fair to the many people in America that also disagree with him. It is time for the administration to admit its faults, apologize, and change policy.

After not checking the international news for a few days, without access to the internet at my friends house in inner city Jakarta, I am struck by how much the world moves in a day, almost overcome with the singular task of finding a vantage point from which to attempt to understand it. It is almost a depressing task, reading the news. There is so much to detest, to be sad about, to cringe at, to be scared of. There are so many things happening all at once, there is a feeling that if you do not do something right now, your opportunity will slip away for ever.

So some guy set off a bomb in downtown Jakarta yesterday, in some mall. The bomb managed to shatter a window in the A&W restaurant as well as injure the poor fellow that was disillusioned enough to make a bomb out of the plastic bottle. There is no clarity yet, but the immediate assumption is, of course, that the man was somehow motivated by radical Islamic terrorists. Another piece of evidence that stupidity and desperation is conducive to radicalism with the aim of hurting innocent people

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