By-Line with Imam: Bush’s Last Chance: Indonesia

Bapak Imam and Anaknya

On Saturday and Sunday, I spent about 24 hours straight with my friend, Imam, and his wife Endri and children Aldin and Faiz, sitting, leaning, and occasionally sleeping on the cement floor of his South Jakarta room/ house, writing an article together. We took breaks for several meals, lots of coffee, and the occasional wrestling match with his children or to stare back at the group of neighborhood kids that had gathered outside the door to observe the odd bule in their midst. But we never strayed too far from our office, there on the floor.

aldin and faiz

We thought it would be a good idea to write an article together about President Bush’s arrival in Indonesia next week. Here ya go: Bush’s Visit to Indonesia: A Last Chance

The column will be in the Jakarta Post within the next few days (

Imam is a local journalist here in Jakarta, and is also a researcher for Komnas HAM, the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights.

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  1. I saw the TV broadcast (Metro TV) between US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Condoleeza Rice, yesterday that Bush Govt try to make clear distinction between Islam and The Terrorist. As a part of int’l community and as a good moslem too, we should see this a a great chance and progress to take a part in order to achieve The World Peace together with other nations, other religions. We have to communicate with open mind and heart and also appreciate the nations sovereignity. And as a journalist, they play an important role to spread the true informations, of course the latest real facts. We need such kind of peoples who dedicated they life for it. Uhhh Ted, you have been roaming about every single corner of my country. What if I be you, mmmhh life is so colourful, so beautiful..enjoying this life with freedom…Keep your spirit on, Ted.

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