Translating and Feeding the Masses

This was a really good exercise, but was quite a challenge. One of my friends that works with the Pestacide Action Network, Asia Pacific ( asked me if I would translate the notes of a meeting between food sovereignty and farmer activists that was held in Indonesian. Take a look, if you’re interested. I wouldn’t trust everything I write in English… might be a few misunderstandings.

Ted’s translation of Indonesian meeting minutes

Original NGO meeting minutes

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  1. Hi Ted! Yup, you did a good job in the translation. er, not that i understand Bahasa Indonesia but when i read the english version, it really made sense. We sincerely thank you for the effort as well as the many good things you did for PAN AP. Bless your heart. Definitely you will go a long way, ’cause your heart and mind are always in solidarity with the masses.
    By the way, it is
    Serve the People!

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