Religion in Indonesia

One aspect of life in Indonesia that has taken some getting used to, at least for me, is the relationship that people have with religion. From my experience, religion plays a much stronger role in peoples’ lives than it does in my community back in Minnesota.

Perhaps Islam, which is of course the religion of the vast majority of people here, is simply manifested more openly than the Christianity of many people back home. However, even the Christians here seem to manifest their faith in a much stronger way. This could be a characteristic taken on by people when they perceive themselves to be a small minority, a defense against a perceived threat even.

Even many of my classmates, other bule, foreigners, at the University of Indonesia studying language, seem to be more religious. There are a few Americans in my program besides myself; however, I am the only college student. The rest of them are members of a Christian missionary organization, studying the language so that they can be sent sent throughout Indonesia to do their good work…

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