Musim Hujan: The Season of Love

Ah yes, the rainy season in Indonesia. Flowers and fruit suddenly hang off the trees in abundance, the air is cleaner and more comfortable, the earth seems suddenly more alive. It’s like a tropical version of Bambi, Disney love ala equitorial island. But instead of cute little bunny rabits and shy deer, we have… toads.Continue reading “Musim Hujan: The Season of Love”

Notes on Language, Floods and Sambal

An update on the floods in Aceh and North Sumatra, as of Xmas day afternoon. The number of casualties has been raised dramatically since yesterday, and now over 70 are confirmed killed and over 100,000 have fled their homes, most from a single district in Aceh. Floods raging in Northern Sumatra add a certain elementContinue reading “Notes on Language, Floods and Sambal”

Elections in Aceh

The first widescale elections in the Indonesian province of Aceh in thirty years seem to have concluded successfully, meaning that a majority have chosen those that are to represent them in government. The question that still remains, however, is whether the establishment of democratic government and the election of new leadership will help the province,Continue reading “Elections in Aceh”

Indonesia Damage Report: Human Rights and the Danger of Poverty

The occurance of the International Day of Human Rights on December 10 was observed by a number of people here in Jakarta. The timing of this year’s theme, poverty, could not be more timely in Indonesia. The World Bank recently released a report on Indonesia, saying that poverty was one of the main obstacles toContinue reading “Indonesia Damage Report: Human Rights and the Danger of Poverty”

Human Rights Photography: Part II

Last night was another event for International Human Rights Day (Hari Internasional HAM), which is being held on December 10th this year. The event, sponsored by the Indonesian National Committee on Human Rights (KOMNAS HAM), included the viewing of a documentary film, “War Photographer,” about an American photographer that uses his photos of poverty andContinue reading “Human Rights Photography: Part II”