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From the unplanned beauty of the urban chaos Jakarta, in the midst of a city where it never pays to be in a hurry, I share with you some of the websites that have struck my interest as of late.

Go Kunming. A blog for expats living in Kunming, the capital city of the Yunnan province, in Southern China. This is the city, of course, in which I will be spending the second half of my year abroad.

Bartele’s Expat newsletter. The owner of a bar in Jakarta, been around for a long time.

Kerry B Collison. Current affairs and event alerts, in Indonseia. This guy has a very interesting history, and has turned his past into a very interesting and, by the looks of it, prosperous present.

Tea Birds. A blog, nothing but pictures of girls tea’ing.

Travelling Shoes. A very strange, very cool photo gallery.

A Day in the Life of a Food Ninja. What could be more fun. This page is kind of lame, but there are some cool links. And I just can’t help it, I like the title.

Warren Ellis‘ blog. The man is brilliant and crude. If you have any taste for comics, bow down…

JakartAss. Somebody’s blog, about living in Jakarta. I can relate.

Peter Pan, my favorite Indonesian pop band. Everyone’s favorite Indonesian pop band…

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