And So This Is Christmas…

Christmas day is almost over here in Java, it is just beginning on the other side of the world in Minnesota.

Christmas Tree emb.jpg

Every year, my family puts together a card, a collage of pictures that do their best to  sum up the multitude of projects, activities and major events in the lives of the members of the family over the previous 12 months. As we embrace the future (which is better than the alternative…), a webpage has developed parallel to the traditional paper card. Pleas take a look: Meinhover Family 2006 Card, to all our friends and family.

The internet cafe here in South East Asia a source of comfort when feeling the need to escape the reality of my sometimes lonely tropical world, I often enjoy the swinging Minnesotan sounds of RadioK, the University of Minnesota’s awesome student radio station, and The Current, another awesome radion station of Minnesota Public Radio, both of which can be listened to online.

This year I give thanks for those friends that I have made that have made life beautiful.

faiz tas.jpg

rini and rica.jpg

web orang tua gir pasang.jpg

veena and kerbau.JPG

2 Replies to “And So This Is Christmas…”

  1. andy: Nice christmas letter and thanks for linking it to the the family web site for the 2006 card.

    Today in Minnesota it is very warm and has been for the last month 45 degrees today. Good luck traveling.

    your father

  2. It amazes me what one can find while looking for something completely different…here on the web.
    I am happy that the nephew of one of my old college chums and the son of a fine fellow in his own right…is just as passionate as the both of them were…at least in this old mans hindsight. God’s speed to you and thanks for the Christmas card…if he still lives…say hello to Joe for me…if he has passed on…then the message will be eaiser to send…may your mind remain fluid, the wind at your back sweet with flowers and the seas ever taking you home

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