Anti-Travel Guide-Travel Guide

So I started writing my own version of a travel guide on the train earlier today, somewhere overlooking the cold Vietnamese coast to the East and shadowed by green mountains to the West. Sort of an anti-travel guide travel guide, if that makes any sense. I was reflecting as padi fields and small villages passedContinue reading “Anti-Travel Guide-Travel Guide”

Kuala Lumpur Damage Report: A City in Transition

The city of Kuala Lumpur, the national capital of Malaysia, embodies the ambiguities, promises and dangers of globalization and the state of our contemporary global world more than almost any other place that I’ve been. Kuala Lumpur is known for its strange and vibrant mixture of loud China-town and its lazy coffee shops, colorful andContinue reading “Kuala Lumpur Damage Report: A City in Transition”

A Promotion of Study Abroad

An article of Ted’s, titled “Studying abroad helps to be successful and ethical in a complex world,” was published in the Asian American Press, and was picked up by a site called Muara Teweh. It is a piece intended to promote educational programs in schools and Universities that send students to other countries and intoContinue reading “A Promotion of Study Abroad”

The Coffee and The Conflict in Aceh

This is a small piece about politics in Aceh, Indonesia. I was there during the Islamic holiday of Idul Adha, the culmination of the Haj. The end of the conflict between the Indonesian government and the separatist Free Aceh Movement ended less than two years ago, the first elections were held in December, last month,Continue reading “The Coffee and The Conflict in Aceh”