Minnesota – even whiter than usual…

Weather Service warns ‘the worst  is yet to come’ Snow Storm in the Midwest, 24 February, 2007 Yes, one of those storms that evokes such romanticism in my thoughts about my home Minnesota. People running around frantically, the snow starting to collect, that rush of traffic and its eventual slowdown, until it completely grinds toContinue reading “Minnesota – even whiter than usual…”

Indonesia in Time Magazine, in the world’s eye

“Indonesia is undergoing a spiritual revolution. Since the 1998 fall of strongman Suharto, who during his 32-year rule suppressed not only political freedom but any faith that could challenge his authority, the country has re-embraced its religiosity.”      –Time Magazine, “Why Indonesia Matters,” Feb. 22, 2007 After living in Indonesia for more than half aContinue reading “Indonesia in Time Magazine, in the world’s eye”