Streets of Kunming

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On the streets of Kunming, in front of the family shop – the CLOSED family shop. Taking advantage of the Spring Festival, people are relaxing, playing Majong together.

New year related tidbit: According to news-wire, gee, only one person died in fireworks related accidents so far this year, and 270 injured.

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An older man squats, in that oh-so-Asian way, down on his haunches, watching people pass by. I’m not sure if this is religious attire or not – he had the hat, the long stringy beard, the black suit. 

Things are changing so fast here – ask anyone. There are streets lined with gutted out buildings like this one. The building itself, and so many like it, are perfectly sound and would be livable, were there people living in them. However, apparently someone has in mind something better, and these buildings are in the way. Out with the old, in with the new. And this building isn’t even that old.

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Some, many people are very dismayed by the rate at which things are disappearing, changing. In the city of Kunming, and around China, it is becoming difficult to find examples of that classic shop house building, the one or two story ones with the shutter windows. So unique, and, in my opinion, so beautiful. Not the most utilitarian though, unfortunately.


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  1. Spring Festival can be a strange time to be a stranger in a Chinese city. I hope you enjoy it. Zhu ni chunjie kuaile!

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