Indonesia in Time Magazine, in the world’s eye

“Indonesia is undergoing a spiritual revolution. Since the 1998 fall of strongman Suharto, who during his 32-year rule suppressed not only political freedom but any faith that could challenge his authority, the country has re-embraced its religiosity.”

     –Time Magazine, “Why Indonesia Matters,” Feb. 22, 2007

After living in Indonesia for more than half a year, studying at the very same University of Indonesia this story in Time magazine refers to, finding and speaking to some of the same professors that are quoted there, I can attest that the ease with which this author summarizes a part of the Indonesian puzzle covers up the time and energy that she has had to give to the huge country to gain this understanding. I am complimenting the author, because even after having so many experiences there and learning so much about Indonesia, it is still difficult to draw concrete conclusions and communicate them in a meaningful way.

Please take a look at the article, “Why Indonesia Matters” in Time Magazine. It gives an interesting view of religion and indeed makes a good case why Indonesia is so important and becoming more important in our contemporary world.

I’ve been trying to tell you the whole time!

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  1. I was reading the same article and was a tad surprised. During my time, there was some sort of gap between the seculars and the kids from mushollah — however it seems to be a lot deeper now.

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