Minnesota – even whiter than usual…

Weather Service warns ‘the worst

 is yet to come’

Snow Storm in the Midwest, 24 February, 2007

Yes, one of those storms that evokes such romanticism in my thoughts about my home Minnesota. People running around frantically, the snow starting to collect, that rush of traffic and its eventual slowdown, until it completely grinds to a halt. I remember looking out my window on University Ave, as a student at the University of Minnesota, my mood dropping as I realize I might be trapped inside the house, whether I like it or not. But then I think that, “yes, I am Minnesotan,” and the deep, fluffy snow looks so soft, and the excitement overcomes common sense as I  put on a few extra layers than normal and wheel my old bike out the door anyway…

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  1. Andy”

    Yes………..it is snowing right now in Minneapolis..about 12 inches on the ground. Just got in from a ‘drive around’ the city. 10:00p.m…… No traffice to speak of on the streets of the city. Snow is boot deep. With daughter Kate: we went down to the mississippi river as the wind was drivng the snow across the water, inbetween buildings and down the silent streets. Looking across the river at the vague shape s of the city buildings…..red snow, yellow snow in the air, each buidling has it’w own color against the drivng snow. We walked against the wind,cold but full of the power of thenorth wind gods and snow. Beautiful. Cold and very silent in the middle of what should be avery busy time in early Sat. night……….only a few people sitting at bars and tables as we walked by and looked into windows


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