Shedding Kunming’s Old Skin – What Lies Beneath?

Even some of the locals here in Kunming tell me that the city has changed so quickly that they can hardly recognize it from one day to the next. A French woman, living and working here now, told me that she came to Kunming about 15 years ago. When I asked about how the placeContinue reading “Shedding Kunming’s Old Skin – What Lies Beneath?”

Closer to the equator than Minnesota, I am experiencing a much earlier Spring than the late April thaws in North America that are so vivid and poetic in my memory. The trappings of Spring here in the South China highlands, however, admittedly rival any that I have seen. Click here for an article about theContinue reading

China and Harmony

The most celebrated program that has emerged from the meeting of the National People’s Committee, China’s lawmaking body, seems to be the Harmony Communique. The news broadcasting over CCTV 9, the single, state run English language television station here in Yunnan, China, has been on a virtual loop, repeating the same message about how theContinue reading “China and Harmony”

International Women’s Day, March 8, 2007

International Women’s Day 2007 Like it has for nearly a decade, the University of Minnesota is playing host to the biggest celebration of International Women’s Day in the world. March 8 was named International Women’s Day by the United Nations in 1975, but it has been heralded by women struggling for equality and human rightsContinue reading “International Women’s Day, March 8, 2007”

Published: Notes from Spring Festival

A brief narrative about the Tet Festival, the lunar new year celebration in Vietnam, was recently published in the Asian American Press. “The new year celebration in Vietnam” was picked up by the St. Paul, MN based publication, which caters to the sizable Vietnamese, Laotian, and other South East Asian communities that have come toContinue reading “Published: Notes from Spring Festival”