ANOTHER New Year??

It’s Sunday night, and apparently the 15th day of the new year, on the Chinese calendar. Once again, every little neighborhood in the city of Kunming seems to be lighting up with its own fireworks show, from the crackling pao to the spectacular airborn yan hua, the bursts of color and sound reflecting off the glass windows of the apartment buildings.

My housemates did their best to explain to me the significance of this date, which included forcing some sort of pasty concoction in front of me, expecting me to eat the goo with chopsticks… Unfortunately, I am still not entirely sure about the significance of this day. It seems to be another reason to make merry, however, and who turns that down? Streets were crowded tonight, and the nighttime food stalls with all their normal goodies and more were out in full force – the street was full of just about anything you could want, actually, from jewelry to electronics.

My class begins far too early tomorrow morning, but I think I’ll stay up a little longer and admire the light show.

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