Published: Notes from Spring Festival

A brief narrative about the Tet Festival, the lunar new year celebration in Vietnam, was recently published in the Asian American Press. “The new year celebration in Vietnam” was picked up by the St. Paul, MN based publication, which caters to the sizable Vietnamese, Laotian, and other South East Asian communities that have come to call the Twin Cities home. Click on the title to go to the story.
An aside, not only does this community add great diversity to Minneapolis and St. Paul, it also means that lucky U of MN students like myself are blessed with some of the greatest restaurants. The pho bo and bun bo that i have eaten for years on Nicollet Ave in S Minneapolis are, after living on the real deal for a couple of weeks, extremely well done.

kunming market.jpg

A woman from one of Yunnan province’s ethic tribes selling some traditional Spring Festival goodies at a special holiday market in Kunming, before the beginning of the Year of the Pig (this year).

Another piece of writing, about the New Year Festival here in Kunming, China, is featured in the current issue of the China Insight magazine, a Chinese American publication. I believe the magazine is affiliated with the China Center at the University of Minnesota. Click here, “Chinese New Year Kunming Style” to check out the article online.

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  1. Oh gosh Ted!! Every time I visit your website you astonish and impress me even more! In my current state as both lover of East Asian cuisine and very pregnant, I am exceptionally jealous of all of your yummy indulgences. When you get home, I will have to find a way to have you over so that you can feed me some of that delicious food I keep reading about! Keep it up and keep on smiling! Miss you!!!!!!!

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