International Women’s Day, March 8, 2007

International Women’s Day 2007

Like it has for nearly a decade, the University of Minnesota is playing host to the biggest celebration of International Women’s Day in the world. March 8 was named International Women’s Day by the United Nations in 1975, but it has been heralded by women struggling for equality and human rights for over a century.

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I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with this event as a student at the University of Minnesota. I’ve had the chance to be part of one of the most active centers of human rights activities in the world, with organizations like the Center for Victims of Torture and the Human Rights Center in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Even when I did my internship in Bangkok, Thailand, in the summer of 2005, I was shocked to find many people familiar with Minneapolis because of the global  human rights activities there.

If you happen to be in Minneapolis on Friday, March 8, see if you can check out the event. There are always some amazing speakers and programs.

It’s a very important event and is another effort of people trying to make this a better world.

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