Closer to the equator than Minnesota, I am experiencing a much earlier Spring than the late April thaws in North America that are so vivid and poetic in my memory. The trappings of Spring here in the South China highlands, however, admittedly rival any that I have seen. Click here for an article about the cherry trees of Kunming, now in full bloom.
park tree flowers.jpg

The prolific blossoms, the cool air, the long days of brigh sunshine, probably have a lot to do with the perfume that permeates life here, something in the air that is almost passifying, making it all too easy to enjoy simply being alive.

ted g lake flower.jpg

Foreigners warn new-comers of the contageous “Kunming Disease.” More than a few have stopped in Kunming, intending to pass through on their way to some other destination, only to get a whiff of the cherry blossoms in Green Lake Park. These people can now be found haunting the tea houses, learning the Chinese language, looking for any job they can find, simply living here, very ambiguous when asked about any plans to return to their home countries.

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  1. You’re looking good among those blossoms. I envy you. Yesterday we were snowed in in Massachusetts but plowed out today. I think it’s wonderful that you’re having such great experiences and especially that you’re able to express them so well in writing. When you return to the States who will you communicate with using your new languages? Asia is a mystery to many of us and you’re shedding some light on the different cultures. I appreciate your keeping me on your mailing list.

  2. mmm, I can almost smell them! We still have crusty piles of old snow in our yard, but sunny days have incited me twice to trudge out and check for signs of the snow crocuses I planted last fall. Nothing yet. Kunming looks gorgeous.

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