Thursday Morning Philosophy

Thoughts this morning, as the first sips of caffeine dillute quickly into my blood stream, the hazy sunrise behind the hills washed away by the increasingly bright, yellow sun. An interesting discussion this morning on the local television news broadcast here in Yunnan, China, about the relationship between China and Russia, on the eve ofContinue reading “Thursday Morning Philosophy”

Another day of News, a Lack of Optimism, But Hope Thrives

The Mayor of New York, John Brenner, just returned from a state-sponsored trip to Indonesia, says a story in the York Dispatch – and his world seemed to get a little bit bigger. I can certainly relate, after my several experiences there. It can definitely seem a world apart from that of my experiences backContinue reading “Another day of News, a Lack of Optimism, But Hope Thrives”

Importance of Indonesia

Indonesia is a truly amazing country. It is so convenient that there is this political construction, this imagined community of “Indonesia,” making it possible for me to clump so many different people, languages, religions, completely different climates and political systems under one title. How productive it is to organize masses of humanity in this way,Continue reading “Importance of Indonesia”