Another day of News, a Lack of Optimism, But Hope Thrives

The Mayor of New York, John Brenner, just returned from a state-sponsored trip to Indonesia, says a story in the York Dispatch – and his world seemed to get a little bit bigger. I can certainly relate, after my several experiences there. It can definitely seem a world apart from that of my experiences back in the United States, and at the same time can really strengthen a feeling of brotherhood across the world. The Mayor talked about the contradictions he saw, the lack of infrastructure and the horible poverty, the beautiful resorts and forests, and the rapid economic development.
Just another example of what I have tried to stress several times, how I feel that Indonesia truly is an important place, is a country and a people that are playing a growing role in international relations.

“Pria Bersenjata Tewaskan 32 Orang di Universitas Virginia”

The front page of the online newspaper. I think the translation is pretty obvious, at least to anyone who had the slightest exposure to any media at all today (April 16). A horible event, whether you’re a fellow university student like myself or if you’re living in Java, reading the paper in the shadow of the volcano Mount Merapi. Just another example of that “global world” that is defining our reality now, the globe of which I claim to be a patriotic citizen. Kompas is Indonesia’s Bahasa Indonesia language daily with the largest circulation. I got into the habit of reading it every day while I was living in Depok, once my language was good enough to gain an understanding of what was written.

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