Alabama’s Giant Pig, In Indonesian

Today’s sign of the POST-NATIONAL: Who says we’re not all connected? The front page of Indonesia’s largest daily newspaper displays nothing other than the giant pig, the babi raksasa, that was caught back in the ol’ USA. Seorang Bocah Melumpuhkan Babi Monster Link to the Original Story: giant pig kompas article MONTGOMERY, SABTU – SeorangContinue reading “Alabama’s Giant Pig, In Indonesian”

Age of Empires – Road in the Sky

Not to be redundant, but the development of modern China is at once unprecidented and difficult to fully comprehend. While much of what the country is experiencing is unprecedented, the expansion of the country’s influence and relationships, domestically, regionally, and internationally, is harnessing methods proven effective by empires through the ages. Yunnan, the SouthWestern provinceContinue reading “Age of Empires – Road in the Sky”