The Idea of Development

The people of Kunming, China, are facing the question of how exactly to understand and deal with the concept of “progress” in a very unsubtle way. Perhaps in our modern times, the word itself, “progress,” needs to be completely rethought. With consequences that seem to be so incredibly ambiguous, perhaps the process indicative in theContinue reading “The Idea of Development”

In land of Mosques, defining the role of a unique Islam

Indonesia has been getting a lot of press lately, due to recent domestic as well as international activities. In the country, Indonesia has made several arrests, and seems to be on a campaign to clamp down on the Islamic radical groups that have been responsible for violence and acts of terror, such as the bombingsContinue reading “In land of Mosques, defining the role of a unique Islam”

Lip Service Vs. Real Intentions

The direction that China takes as it continues to develop its policy, both domestic and foreign, should be the concern of everyone in the world. With the largest population and a rapidly developing economy, the impact the rapidly changing country will have on the world in the next few years is going to be exponentiallyContinue reading “Lip Service Vs. Real Intentions”