In land of Mosques, defining the role of a unique Islam

Indonesia has been getting a lot of press lately, due to recent domestic as well as international activities. In the country, Indonesia has made several arrests, and seems to be on a campaign to clamp down on the Islamic radical groups that have been responsible for violence and acts of terror, such as the bombings in Bali and Jakarta.

Indonesia is also working to define itself as a player on the international scene. As both a democracy and a predominantly Islamic country, with good relations with both Western countries and the Islamic countries of the Middle East and Asia, Indonesia has a unique perspective on world affairs and is in a unique position to work for positive change. The most recent of the conflicts in Palestine, for example, is one of the reasons for an the Indonesian brokered meeting/ negotions this August in Palestine.

Indonesia Redifines Itself with Terrorist Arrests

Indonesia, Saudi Arabia make gains against Islamist militants

One Reply to “In land of Mosques, defining the role of a unique Islam”

  1. Hi Ted, how are you? do you still remember me?
    i think we are in the on going war againts terrorism now, but acctually we never knew kind of form this enemy.

    In few weeks ago, indonesian police was take arrest someone of my neighbours, than they call him with the most wanted terrorist Abu Dujana.

    its make me shock, because everyone in my village have never guest him is a terrorist. He very smart, polite and kindest. He can give something usefull to community such as help each other, make a good handicraft, building solidarity and brotherhood.

    Finally, I want to suggest that if we look arround, in the heart our society, a terrorist have a good place. and you know our people still unbelieve with what was going on.
    I think the war againts terrorism must be take carefully.

    Best Regards
    Ilham nasai

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