Reminiscing Indonesia

A certain element that floats around in the air, something very thick, somehow spicy – maybe it’s because, in Indonesia, the skin, even as you sleep at night, glows with a clinging persperation. The pores are always wide open, a window through which this essence of Indonesia somehow intoxicates, planting itself deep inside the soul,Continue reading “Reminiscing Indonesia”

Defying Explanation, Eluding Understanding

The trip to the city of Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan Province, although short, resulted in many insights and even more ambiguities and questions. It would be nice if I could say that, after living here for almost six months, I have a relatively firm grasp on the state of China’s society and economy,Continue reading “Defying Explanation, Eluding Understanding”

A Rant. Pay no attention.

America is exporting some of its most brilliant minds and entrepreneurial spirits to places like China, not only because these are today’s pioneers and entrepreneurs, but because they are also intelligent. It is a sad statement that, because of their intelligence and their disposition to build relationships with people regardless of their nationality or religionContinue reading “A Rant. Pay no attention.”

Notes on a Rainy Morning

Floods continue to ravage Southern China, I see the latest body count is up to 79 (Friday morning). The international press is heralding China’s role in disarming North Korea’s nuclear weapons, while at the same time condemning the rapid growth of its own military and more recent clampdowns on civil liberties and the arrest ofContinue reading “Notes on a Rainy Morning”

Chinese Journalism, Part 1 1/2

A student of Journalism and Media, I have found particularly interesting studying and experiencing mass media and communication in different countries. America, Malaysia, Indonesia and now China have all offered very unique perspectives. Despite some very stark differences, they all reinforce the understanding of the mass media as a key component of society and itsContinue reading “Chinese Journalism, Part 1 1/2”