A Rant. Pay no attention.

America is exporting some of its most brilliant minds and entrepreneurial spirits to places like China, not only because these are today’s pioneers and entrepreneurs, but because they are also intelligent. It is a sad statement that, because of their intelligence and their disposition to build relationships with people regardless of their nationality or religion makes them feel politically isolated and sometimes even threatened by what they perceive as a growing environment of fear and suspicion in the United States.

This is not to say, of course, that only the best and brightest are fleeing their homeland under a cloud of disillusionment. There are also a fair number of people fleeing the flaws in their own lives, frustrated by the perception of insurmountable obstacles in the path of some kind of de-facto success that they feel they are owed by life. So, they arrive here, or other places all over Asia, seeking comfort and pleasure minus the hard work.

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