We’re back in Jakarta, again…

travelling, a letter home

it’s almost not fair, flattening my mind against such contradictions and changes at such speeds. so far it has kept up, though meltdown is not an impossibility. not to mention the negotiation of (1…2…3…4) ya, about four languages within a single week (no wait, five), and of course the jumping from climate to climate and public transport to public transport (southeast asia style) that has me expelling large amounts of snot and coughing a lot. but hey, this would be great fun, even if it weren’t for the strong vein of masochism that manifests itself in self-planned itineraries such as this one.
went from kunming, china, down to hanoi, vietnam, of course, and spent about 10 days in that country indulging in all the marvelous things that i have found to indulge in there. then, seems like yesterday but about a week ago i guess, from hanoi to my rumah kedua malaysia, to kuala lumpur. kl has turned into one of my favorite cities in the past couple of years, not only because of but greatly helped by the fact that one of my best friends lives there. didn’t do as much shameless indulging as i would like, putting more energy into trying to recover from the cold that i picked up in hanoi (i blame air-conditioned hotel room). but i always enjoy kl, and i always get treated far too well by my friends, though we all know that i don’t deserve one bit of it.
yesterday morning, back on the budget airline, this time bound for a reunification with indonesia. will return to malaysia in a week, though, so don’t have to carry all my massive luggage, which makes it so much more pleasant. my friend suroto was waiting at the airport for me, subverting my attempt at masochism once again, which is the only way to describe trying to negotiate the traffic from the airport in jakarta without really knowing what you’re doing. i am so lucky to have such amazing friends. now, i could never have imagined that i’d be seeing these little places again, little minute details that are seared so deep in the images in my mind. about a week to see everyone and everything here in indonesia, which can’t be done but we’ll have to work with it, before back to malaysia for the final stretch.
just an update from this side of the world. hope all are well.

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