Damage Report, Burma, Iraq and NYC

9-11 was perhaps one of the most definitive moments in recent history, one that is and will, in many ways, shape the identity of a whole generation and is working to define relationships around the world. A friend, recently visiting New York, wrote: Iran around by the 911 site. there is nothing there after soContinue reading “Damage Report, Burma, Iraq and NYC”

Universal Language of Cool

First of all, events of note: Minnesota Human Rights Week. Featuring a play, “Speak Truth to Power,” with guest performances by Alec Baldwin, Pat Miles, Alan Page, Gloria Reuben, Martin Sheen, Bradley Whitford. Ted’s Essay, “Just To Know,” was published in the University of Minnesota’s Reach Magazine, in the Summer 2007 edition. The magazine isContinue reading “Universal Language of Cool”

Now in the West, China ever-present

It is no longer possible, perhaps, to ignore China and its relationship with the US and the rest of the world. Especially as our world grows more and more connected, interactions, whether economic, environmental, or cultural, are taking place with greater frequency and density, what happens in one place can have significant impact on whatContinue reading “Now in the West, China ever-present”