Of Knives and Ekonomi Indonesia

First to Indonesia, a country, while dear to my heart and home to some of my best friends, continues to see its share of traumas and challenges. While the country has done a lot of things right, such as the popular movement that led to the overthrow of Suharto’s democracy-unfriendly regime that continues to inspireContinue reading “Of Knives and Ekonomi Indonesia”

Being Hip in Minnesota: Location, Location… Location?

After having been “out of town” for the past year and a half or so – ok, on the other side of the world – I honestly couldn’t be happier coming back to the Twin Cities. Our shining beacon of culture and commerce, striding the great Mississippi river and rising up against the monotony ofContinue reading “Being Hip in Minnesota: Location, Location… Location?”

Reinventing Church in Ottertail, the teaser

Driving East through the swamps and past the cornfields that line Minnesota Highway 52, the few signs of modern humanity, a farmhouse or set of train tracks, hardly makes a dent on your concioussness. Entering Ottertail City, population a few hundred, you anticipate nothing more than a half mile of reduced speeds. Suddenly, inconcruent andContinue reading “Reinventing Church in Ottertail, the teaser”