Of Knives and Ekonomi Indonesia

First to Indonesia, a country, while dear to my heart and home to some of my best friends, continues to see its share of traumas and challenges. While the country has done a lot of things right, such as the popular movement that led to the overthrow of Suharto’s democracy-unfriendly regime that continues to inspire the country’s many politically aware citizens and activists in 1998. But that was almost twenty years ago. While democracy is still strongly engrained in the culture and government of Indonesia, which is of course the home of the world’s largest Muslim population, it remains disorganized and inefficient to the degree that it threatens the very freedoms it strives to protect.

The growing economic disparity is perhaps the greatest obstacle to social justice in Indonesia, and, in this writer’s mind, a successful democracy is not possible without social and economic justice. Indonesia faces any number of sometimes seemingly unsurmountable problems, not the least of which include corruption at the regional and federal levels, massive and disconnected geography, and the fact that Jakarta is trying to hold together and administrate thousands of islands with residents speaking hundreds of different languages. An interesting article in Business Week, “Indonesia: Poised for Rapid Growth?” asks why Indonesia’s economy is not living up to its full potential.


Well then, on to knives and cutting stuff up. Having joined the ranks of the retailing masses, all in the name of short term survival of course, I have become a proud member of the team at the excellent store The Kitchen Window. I quickly discovered one of the many benefits of this job, specifically my employee discount. I am recently the owner of my very first real, awesome, totally incredible piece of kitchen equipment: a beautiful 7 inch Wustof Santoku. This shiny baby has added a little bit more pleasure to my already wonderful life.

OK, I’m a nerd.

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  1. hi…i was just reading your blog..and..i think you must have got the wrong info about the year when Suharto was overthrown…It was in 1998 not 1989…so it’s still around 9 years ago… 🙂 anyway…i enjoy reading your blog…especially the makanan part…

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