Writing the World: Malaysia Tensions

Writing the World Ethnic Tension in Malaysia Erupts in Violence By Ted Meinhover Recent unrest in the capital city of Malaysia has not received much attention from the Western media. However, last weekend’s demonstrations that resulted in violent clashes with police could be more important than the event’s lack of coverage lets on, especially asContinue reading “Writing the World: Malaysia Tensions”

Janine di Giovanni speaking on Human Rights and Journalism

It’s not always easy to inspire me. Compared to the lives of so many, mine is a life of comfort, and a little shaking prompts one to open the eyes and not only notice the world around but have an opinion about it and have the desire to change it. It’s not that Janine diContinue reading “Janine di Giovanni speaking on Human Rights and Journalism”

From the Ground in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia, the South East Asian country located on the Malay peninsula North of Singapore and South of Thailand, has been pointed to as an example of a successful new democratic country that has benefited immensely from its its entrance into the global economy. It’s also seen as a country in which three main ethnic andContinue reading “From the Ground in Kuala Lumpur”

Cooperative Development in Aceh, Indonesia

One of the most energizing and powerful experiences during my time overseas, the opportunity to visit my friend in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where he was working with cooperative organizations to promote development after the tsunami of 2004, inspired me and proved to me the power and importance of civil society. A presentation, by the staffContinue reading “Cooperative Development in Aceh, Indonesia”

Indonesia at the UN Security Council

Observers of the mainstream media in the US might find it all to easy to miss Indonesia. However, having lived there, I find it much harder to resist the sometimes romantic (though often frustrating) aesthetic of the country and many of its citizens’ passion for political discourse and democracy than I do to simply disregardContinue reading “Indonesia at the UN Security Council”

Adventures in the Working World

Though I haven’t quit my day job (yet), I am excited by my first piece of writing to be published since I have returned to the Twin Cities and began life as a non-undergraduate student. My first attempt at a book review, a short article about the recently published book “Dirty Diplomacy,” was published inContinue reading “Adventures in the Working World”

A City Loses a Little of Its Glow

After 37 years, North Country Coop to close it’s doors on November 4th, 2007. Posted on the website of the West Bank’s North Country Coop, the sentence is a kind of dying breath. As someone said just today, time marches on. And march on it does – march on it must. Still, there are thingsContinue reading “A City Loses a Little of Its Glow”