Writing the World: Suharto, Democracy – Security and Freedom

The paramount struggle within our modern democratic society is the constantly shifting balance between freedom and security. Demonstrated time and time again, and posited by political scientists and practitioners alike, security is a prerequisite for a healthy civil society and for the realization of social justice. However, it is often the case that freedoms areContinue reading “Writing the World: Suharto, Democracy – Security and Freedom”

W(R)i(gh)ting the World – USA and Indonesia

Anxiety about a constantly shifting political scene and a dreadfully pessimistic economy is hardly limited to Americans. This much was obvious to me, after a flurry of emails from friends in Indonesia, Malaysia, and even China. In the past week, I have received emails first expressing deep interest in the American Presidential race, and laterContinue reading “W(R)i(gh)ting the World – USA and Indonesia”

G.W. Bush Visits Indonesia, A Not-so-warm Welcome, November 2006

All photos by Ted Meinhover. See the slideshow. Bush’s arrival in Indonesia in November 2006, to pay a visit to Indonesian president SBY,  was an all too real manifestation of the discontent that has been growing and the negative image that many in the world have come to associate with the United States over theContinue reading “G.W. Bush Visits Indonesia, A Not-so-warm Welcome, November 2006”

Ted Reviews “Kusamakura,” 1906 Classic Japanese Novel by Soseki

Ted Meinhover reviews a new translation of a classic Japanese novel, as part of his Asian Literature Review for the Asian American Press. Ted reviewed a new edition, translated by Australian scholar Professor Meredith McKinney, of the novel “Kusamakura” by the novelist Soseki, originally published in 1906.

Thought of the Day: Changing Global Power

In this month’s Foreign Affairs, an article by G. John Ikenberry, on “the rise of china and the future of the west.” He says, “US dominance will eventually end. U.S. grand strategy, accordingly, should be driven by one key question: What kind of international order would the United States like to see in place whenContinue reading “Thought of the Day: Changing Global Power”

Writing the World: Why Indonesia’s View of the American Presidency is Important

A year ago, when Imam Cahyono and I reported from Jakarta on George W. Bush’s meeting with Indonesian President Yudyohono, the animosity towards the American presidency and the policies it represented permeated the air. A year later, however, the American presidential race seems to have captured the Indonesian imagination, however. Indonesians are paying attention toContinue reading “Writing the World: Why Indonesia’s View of the American Presidency is Important”