Thought of the Day: Changing Global Power

In this month’s Foreign Affairs, an article by G. John Ikenberry, on “the rise of china and the future of the west.”

He says, “US dominance will eventually end. U.S. grand strategy, accordingly, should be driven by one key question: What kind of international order would the United States like to see in place when it is less powerful?” “The United States’ global position may be weakening, but the international system the United States leads can remain the dominant order of the twenty-first century.”

The author makes the argument that the United States must change its current foreign policies in order to strengthen international organizations, instead of pursuing bi-lateral or “mini-lateral” agreements that cater more to our specific interests. If everyone benefits by working within the international system that it supports, then China, as it becomes more powerful, will have more incentive to work within that system than to try and overthrow it. This is a much better scenario, he says, in terms of peace and economic prosperity.


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  1. It is all the more important that in this election cycle…we recognize the need for a change in leadership in US. While entrenched interests will not allow wholesale change in post neo-con foreign policy…after the last 8 years of such stupidity…..we are all desparate to re-enter the international dialogue.

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