G.W. Bush Visits Indonesia, A Not-so-warm Welcome, November 2006

All photos by Ted Meinhover. See the slideshow.

Bush’s arrival in Indonesia in November 2006, to pay a visit to Indonesian president SBY,  was an all too real manifestation of the discontent that has been growing and the negative image that many in the world have come to associate with the United States over the past decade.

We arrive today, however, at perhaps the most important juncture in at least a generation. Indeed, a new generation is taking the reigns, one that suffers from a massive anxiety complex about the sudden instability of the world they thought they knew so well. The unipolar moment is passing, and America’s relationship with other countries and peoples is in need of reform. Now, unlike ever before, this new generation has the opportunity to do that, and to do it well.

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