Rising Stars In Malaysian Journalism

Veena Babulal, one of the more promising of a new generation of journalists in South East Asia, is a reporter for the largest national daily in Malaysia, the New Straits Times. Her recent story, “ELECTION 2008: BN novice confident of bigger win,” is the product of her first election as a reporter. Supporters of theContinue reading “Rising Stars In Malaysian Journalism”

Gates in Indonesia: US-Indo Ties Need Strengthening

The fact that US defense secretary Robert Gates is in Jarkarta right now makes all the more urgent the need for America and Indonesia to forge strong new ties and reinvigorate old ones. This was outlined in my piece in last week’s Asian American Press, where I argued that the Indonesian people’s interest in whatContinue reading “Gates in Indonesia: US-Indo Ties Need Strengthening”

Fearing Mediocrity in 2008

  For a long time, it’s been OK to indulge in the comfort of mediocrity. A long period of prosperity has made it all too easy to settle into a full time, five day work week, not getting rich or changing the world, but living a very happy life. However, the recent economic shakeup, asContinue reading “Fearing Mediocrity in 2008”

Notes on Evolving Indo-US Relations

As the global dominance of the United States continues to lose legitimacy, it is more essential than ever that ties with Indonesia, and other countries that have been neglected for too long, be repaired and strengthened.  The world, and Indonesians in particular, are more eager than in a long time to build ties with America.Continue reading “Notes on Evolving Indo-US Relations”