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Liberated by Irrelevance?

It would be foolish to say that the US is no longer an important player on the world stage. It is. However, there is a growing feeling among people both in and outside the United States that the formerly unrivaled is now on a more equal footing with much of the rest of the world, no irrelevant, but certainly more so than before.

While the negative effects of this trend for Americans is obvious – the falling dollar, rising food prices, insecurity, floundering military ambitions, the possibility of retribution for the abuse of the global financial system for far too long – perhaps it is time to ask how we as Americans can take advantage of this shift in the global marketplace.

How the media sees the world

This is a great project, showing how the map would look if the size of each country was determined by how much media coverage it received. LINK

Different maps have been created to correspond to the  news coverage of different publications. check it out. Ted

An Editor, A Global Citizen

Ted Meinhover begins as editor of the Asian American Press

Asian American Press

Let the good times roll…

Report from Malaysia – US Irrelevance?

“Speaking of the U.S., the sense I get here more and more each time I visit is, not so much hatred or dislike of the U.S., but an increasing level of irrelevance. Malaysia is positioning itself to become the Islamic banking capital of the world.”

This from a friend currently visiting Singapore and Malaysia. He goes on to say how Malaysia is establishing itself as an international banking center, especially one that caters to the Islamic world. The anxiety that accompanies the current economic downturn in the United States seems to accentuate the fact that countries around the world are emerging in this era of globalization, and the dinosaurs of the world also need to reshape their global identities, and, in turn, their policies.

Subversive Art in Bahasa

A design by an artist I know in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

revolution for sale

Translated as “Revolution For Sale”

Currently on display on Veena’s refridgerator