Thirsts and Firsts

First time visiting the locally legendary Lauriol Plaza, I’m convinced the most enjoyable Mexican food experience available. Indulging in the sudden onset margharitta cravings that I have been experiencing. Just bought my first ticket to a rock and roll show here in DC. Yes, the Toadies, long since gone their separate ways, have brought theirContinue reading “Thirsts and Firsts”

Hot City

                    The tension in the atmosphere finally broke last night, the result of the past days of ridiculously hot weather here in Washington DC. The wind changed directions – first it was like a constant stream of steam blowing in your face, and very quickly a steady push of much drier, much cooler air carriedContinue reading “Hot City”

Washington DC, Urban Legends

Like every city, Washington DC has its urban legends, tales akin to the creation myths of ancient civilizations that saturate a society to explain some mystery or another. A great example: the abandoned embassies of now expired countries and regimes, and the occupations of the ghosts of their former diplomats and heads of state. TheContinue reading “Washington DC, Urban Legends”