Thirsts and Firsts

First time visiting the locally legendary Lauriol Plaza, I’m convinced the most enjoyable Mexican food experience available. Indulging in the sudden onset margharitta cravings that I have been experiencing.

Just bought my first ticket to a rock and roll show here in DC. Yes, the Toadies, long since gone their separate ways, have brought their brilliance together once again and will be gracing the BlackCat club in DC. By far one of my favorite bands, ever.

I signed up for a Bahasa Indonesia class this summer at the Indonesian Embassy. I bike by the wonderful old brick building on Mass Ave anyway…

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  1. I don’t know DC well, but I love Lauriol Plaza. I took Cord and Preston there a few years back it was great. If you want to really get great Mexican food though, you have to come visit San Francisco.

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